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Anemone obtusiloba  D.Don.


Botanical Name


Anemone obtusiloba D.Don.





General Info


Leaves 5-10; petiole 3-15 cm × 1-2 mm, villous or pubescent; leaf blade usually 3-sect, sometimes 3-parted, reniform-pentagonal to broadly ovate, densely spreading villous, sparsely pubescent, or sometimes abaxially subglabrous, base cordate, rarely subtruncate; segments overlapping or remote; central segment shortly petiolulate, 3-parted, 3-cleft, or 2- or 3-lobed, rarely undivided, rhombic-ovate to broadly rhombic, subequaling or larger than lateral segments, margin obtusely lobulate-dentate; lateral segments subsessile, unequally 2- or 3-parted or 2- or 3-lobed, obliquely flabellate to ovate. Scapes 2-5, 5-25 cm, spreading villous; cyme 1- or 2(or 3)-flowered. Involucral bract blade 3-parted, 3-cleft, 3-lobed, 3-dentate, or undivided, broadly rhombic, rhombic-obovate, oblong-ovate, lanceolate, or cuneate, 1-3 cm, appressed pilose. Pedicel 1-3 cm, appressed pilose. Sepals 5 or 6, white, yellowish, or bluish, obovate or elliptic, 5-15 × 3-8 mm, abaxially pilose, basal veins 3-5, vein anastomoses absent, sometimes solitary. Stamens brownish yellow, 2.2-3 mm; filament linear, slightly narrowed apically, 0.5-0.8 mm wide; anther dark, ellipsoid, connective dark, narrow. Pistils brown, 2-3 mm; ovary ovoid, usually villous or sometimes subglabrous; style straight or curved. Achene body broadly ovoid, rarely slightly compressed, 3-6 × 2-3.5 mm, without ribs; densely strigose, softly pubescent or subglabrous; style usually apically hooked or sometimes straight, 1--2.5 mm.

Herb Effects

Diuretic (plant); blistering agent (root); induces vomiting (seed).


Plants for a Future


Active Ingredients

Obtusilobicinin (saponin) and obtusilobin (plant).


Medicinal Use

In jaundice, spleen and kidney problems (leaf); in the treatment of rheumatism (oil)


Chandel et al., Biodiversity in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in India.

Uniyal et al., Medicinal Flora of Garhwal Himalayas.



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