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Urena lobata  L.


Botanical Name


Urena lobata L.

English Name


Congo jute, Aramina fibre, Caesarweed, Bur mallow, Hibiscus burr, Pink burr, Pink Chinese burr



Urena sinuata L.





General Info


An annual, variable, erect, rarely ascendent undershrub, 0.5—2.5 m tall, stems covered with minute stellate hairs and scattered simple hairs, often tinged purple. Leaves alternate, simple, extremely variable in size and shape, suborbicular, ovate, oblong to lanceolate, 1—12 cm x 0.5—13 cm, more or less 3—5-lobed, base cordate to cuneate, apex acuminate, margins serrate to crenate, 3—9-veined, surfaces hairy, with a nectary on base of midrib beneath; petiole 0.5—12 cm long; stipules lanceolate to obovate, 2—4 mm long, acute, caducous. Inflorescence composed of axillary flowers, solitary or in clusters of 2—3, in the upper part seemingly in spikes. Flowers 5-merous, campanulate, 2—3 cm in diameter, pink with a purple centre, epicalyx 7—8 mm long, enveloping the calyx, segments 5, lanceolate, hairy; calyx tubular to campanulate, 5—6 mm x 1.5—2 mm, at 1/3 from the base of the ribs, thickened or with a nectary; petals obovate, apex rounded; staminal column 10—14 mm long, usually curved, anthers purple, pollen white; style arms 10, each 1 mm long, stigmas dark purple. Fruit a subglobular schizocarp, composed of 5 mericarps, 4—5 mm long, covered with barbed bristles. Seed reniform, 2.5—3.5 mm long, minutely hairy to glabrous, brown.

Herb Effects

Emollient, refrigerant and styptic (leaves); maturative (flowers); pectoral and expectorant in dry coughs (decoction of flowers); vermifuge (decoction of seeds).


PROSEA (Plant Resources of South-East Asia) Foundation



Medicinal Use

The whole plant is macerated and used externally for treating fractures, wounds, mastitis and snake bites. A lotion made from the plant is used to treat yaws and headache. A decoction of a very old plant, boiled with eggs, is said to induce abortion. The bark is used to heal cuts. The leaves are prescribed for inflammation of the intestines and bladder and externally applied as a poultice on wounds and skin diseases. A decoction from the leaves and roots is drunk to relieve pains all over the body due to excessive exertion. The juice of the leaves or roots is widely used for bowel complaints, especially colic, stomach-ache, diarrhoea and dysentery. The roots are used to treat rheumatism, lumbago and stomach ache. The roots are also chewed and applied to swellings caused by filariasis. A decoction of the root is used to treat colds, dysentery, enteritis, goitre, indigestion, leucorrhoea, malaria, rheumatism and tonsilitis. An infusion of the roots is given to aid difficult childbirth. The twigs are chewed for toothache. An infusion of the flowers is used as a gargle for aphthae and a sore throat.



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