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Tadehagi triquetrum  (L.) H. Ohashi


Botanical Name


Tadehagi triquetrum (L.) H. Ohashi

English Name


Trefle gros



Hedysarum triquetrum L., Desmodium triquetrum (L.) DC., Pteroloma triquetrum (L.) Desv. ex Benth. p.p.





General Info


A subshrub up to 3 m tall, branchlets glabrescent. Leaves are stipulate, nearly always alternate, and range from bipinnately or palmately compound to simple. Flowers are usually bisexual, actinomorphic to zygomorphic, slightly to strongly perigynous, and commonly in racemes, spikes, or heads; perianth commonly consists of a calyx and corolla of 5 segments each; androecium consists of commonly 1- many stamens (most commonly 10), distinct or variously united, sometimes some of them reduced to staminodes; pistil is simple, often stipitate, comprising a single style and stigma, and a superior ovary with one locule containing 2-many marginal ovules. Fruit is usually a legume, sometimes a samara, loment, follicle, indehiscent pod, achene, drupe, or berry. Seeds often have a hard coat with hourglass-shaped cells.

Herb Effects

Diuretic and antipyretic (decoction of whole plant); tonic (leaves); febrifuge (decoction of roots).


PROSEA (Plant Resources of South-East Asia) Foundation



Medicinal Use

Used to expel worms, treats spasms in infants, indigestion, piles and abscesses (whole plant); for invigorating the spleen and promoting digestion (decoction of whole plant); for hemorrhoids (leaves); for stomach discomfort (infusion of leaves); as a poultice on bruises and drunk daily for chronic coughs and tuberculosis (decoction of roots); to treat kidney complaints (infusion of roots); eaten or used in baths for gastro-intestinal and urinary problems ranging from an upset stomach to hepatitis (infusion or decoction of roots).



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