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Alliaria petiolata  (M. Bieb.) Cavara & Grande


Botanical Name


Alliaria petiolata (M. Bieb.) Cavara & Grande

English Name


Garlic Mustard



Alliaria alliaria, Alliaria officinalis, Erysimum alliaria, S. officinalis, Sisymbrium alliaria





General Info


A herbaceous biennial plant (sometimes an annual plant) growing to 30-100 cm (rarely to 130 cm) tall. The leaves are stalked, triangular to heart-shaped, 10-15 cm long (of which about half being the petiole) and 2-6 cm broad, with a coarsely toothed margin. In biennial specimens, first-year plants appear as a rosette of green leaves close to the ground; these rosettes remain green through the winter and develop into mature flowering plants the following spring. Others flower and complete their life-cycle in their first year. The flowers are produced in spring and summer in buttonlike clusters, each flower small, white, with four petals 4-8 mm long and 2-3 mm broad, in the shape of a cross. The fruit is an erect, slender, four-sided pod 2-7 cm long, called a silique, green maturing pale grey-brown, containing two rows of small shiny black seeds which are released when the pod splits open.

Herb Effects

Antiasthmatic, antiscorbutic, antiseptic, deobstruent, diaphoretic, vermifuge and vulnerary (leaves and stems)


Global Invasive Species Database
Plants for a Future


Active Ingredients

Allyl-isothiocyanate, allyl-sulfide, alpha-linolenic acid, ascorbic acid, glycerol, oleic acid, palmitic acid, sinigrin, squalene (plant); benzyl-isothiocyanate (essential oil); diallyl-sulfide, linoleic acid, sinapic acid, stearic acid (seed).

Chemistry of Active Ingredients
Product Categories






Product Categories
alpha-Linolenic acid 94138-91-7 octadeca-9,12,15-tri
enoic acid
C18H30O2 Click Here To Enlarge
Ascorbic acid Not Available 2-(1,2-dihydroxyethy
C6H8O6 Click Here To Enlarge
Oleic acid 8046-01-3 octadec-9-enoic acid C18H34O2 Click Here To Enlarge
Palmitic acid 66321-94-6 hexadecanoic acid C16H32O2 Click Here To Enlarge
Sinigrin 534-69-0 3,4,5-trihydroxy-2-(
nylsulfany l)oxane
C10H17NO9S2 Click Here To Enlarge
Squalene 94016-35-0 (6E,10E,14E,18E)-2,6
14,18,22-h exaene
C30H50 Click Here To Enlarge
Benzyl isothiocyanate 622-78-6 isothiocyanatomethyl
C8H7NS Click Here To Enlarge
Diallyl sulfide 592-88-1 3-prop-2-enylsulfany
C6H10S Click Here To Enlarge
Linoleic acid 8024-22-4 Octadeca-9,12-dienoi
c acid
C18H32O2 Click Here To Enlarge
Sinapic acid 530-59-6 3-(4-hydroxy-3,5-dim
-enoic acid
C11H12O5 Click Here To Enlarge
Stearic acid 82497-27-6 octadecanoic acid C18H36O2 Click Here To Enlarge


Medicinal Use

To promote sweating and to treat bronchitis, asthma and eczema, effective in relieving the itching caused by bites and stings (leaves) Externally, they are as an antiseptic poultice on ulcers. The juice of the plant has an inhibitory effect on Bacillus pyocyaneum and on gram-negative bacteria of the typhoid-paratyphoid-enteritis group.



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