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Home » Health Remedies » Immune system disorders┬╗Inflammatory disorders┬╗Dermatological inflammatory disorders

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Health Remedies - Skin Eruptions

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Useful herbs

Anthyllis vulneraria

For skin eruptions, slow-healing wounds, minor wounds, cuts and bruises (plant)

Betula pendula

Rheumatism, sciatica and long-term inflammations of the urinary tract. Used in treating intermittent fevers (inner bark); in the treatment of gout, dropsy and rheumatism, and is recommended as a reliable solvent of kidney stones (leaf infusion); for bathing skin eruptions (leaves and bark decoction)

Brassica juncea

Folk remedy for arthritis, foot ache, lumbago, and rheumatism. Tumours, abscesses, colds, lumbago, rheumatism, and stomach disorders (seed); skin eruptions and ulcers (mustard oil); for headache (leaves).

Cassia tora

Snakebite anitdote (root); skin diseases such as caused by ringworm and itching, rheumatic ailments (seed and leaf); eases skin itch and eruptions, relieves pain, congestion, redness, or sensitivity to light of the eyes (herb). Used as a poultice, warmed leaves reduce gout, sciatica, and joint pains, in cases of liver yang rising, chronic or acute constipation accompanying liver yin deficiency.

Celastrus scandens

For chronic liver and skin ailments (including skin cancer), rheumatism, leucorrhoea, dysentery and suppressed menses; to treat obstinate sores, skin eruptions etc (root); as an ointment on burns, scrapes and skin eruptions (bark)

Clematis vitalba

As a cure for the itch (roots, stem); for rheumatism and skin eruptions (plant)

Dalbergia sissoo

Eye diseases and gonorrhea (leaf); cholera, effective in bleeding piles, menorrhagia and in varicose veins (bark); in gonorrhoea (leaves decoction); in leprosy, boils and eruptions and to allay vomiting (wood).

Geum urbanum

For ulcerative colitis, mucous colitis, duodenal and peptic ulcers, diarrhoea and dysentery, liver disease, catarrh, tightens up soft gums, heals mouth ulcers, makes a good gargle for infections of the pharynx and larynx, reduces irritation of the stomach and gut, to remove spots, freckles and eruptions from the face, as a wash to haemorrhoids, vaginal discharges etc

Grewia asiatica

In respiratory, cardiac and blood disorders, as well as in fever. For diarrhea (bark); in treating rheumatism (root bark); for strangury and gonorrhoea (roots); applied on skin eruptions and they are known to have antibiotic action (leaves).

Hippophae rhamnoides

In fatigue and convalescense; in lung complaints (fruit syrup); for cutaneous eruptions (decoction); for treating burns, cardiac disorders, eczema, radiation injury, stomach and intestinal diseases (oil).The freshly-pressed juice is used in the treatment of colds, febrile conditions, exhaustion etc.

Jurinea dolomiaea

A decoction of the root is cordial. It is given in the treatment of colic and puerperal fever. The bruised root is applied as a poultice to eruptions.

Leucas aspera

Colds (flower); as a toothbrush (twig); as an insecticidal (plant); for psoriasis and chronic skin eruptions (leaf juice); in chronic rheumatism (leaves); for cough and colds in children (flowers with honey). In headache, juice of the root is put into the nostril.

Linaria vulgaris

In the treatment of oedema, jaundice, liver diseases, gall bladder complaints, skin problems, to haemorrhoids, skin eruptions, sores and malignant ulcers.

Murraya koenigii

In diarrhea, dysentery and relieving pain associated with the stomach and kidneys (leaf); for rashes and bites from poisonous insects and reptiles (bark); for skin eruptions and poisonous bites (root and bark); cure skin eruptions and to relieve burns (crushed leaves).

Onosma echioides

In the treatment of rheumatism and palpitations of the heart (flowers); to skin eruptions (root)

Persea americana

For dysentery (fruit skin); as a remedy for pyorrhea, on wounds, to relieve neuralgia, for diarrhea, sore throat and hemorrhage (leaves); to cure dandruff (seed powder); relieve toothache (seed); on skin eruptions (oil from seed)

Polygonatum cirrhifolium

Used in the treatment of loss of vigour, pain in the kidneys and hips, swelling and fullness in the abdominal region, accumulation of fluids in bone joints, skin eruptions and coughs.

Solanum dulcamara

In the treatment of skin diseases, warts, tumours, felons, arthritis, rheumatism, bronchial congestion, heart ailments, ulcerative colitis, jaundice, skin eruptions, ulcers and cellulite, syphilitic diseases, cachectic affections, scrofula, indurations from milk, leucorrhoea, jaundice, and obstructed menstruation (herb); to cancerous sores and other swellings (fruit); for cancer and swellings (root)

Solanum surattense

Asthma and cough (root and plant); rheumatism (leaf); sore throat (fruit); as a carminative and in dropsy (plant), for relief in burning sensation in the feet accompanied by vesicular watery eruptions.

Solanum torvum

For enlargement of the spleen (fruit). A decoction of the fruits is given to relieve coughs. The powdered seeds, mixed with mustard oil, are used as a massage oil for treating skin eruptions. The roots are used in the form of poultice to promote healing of cracks in the feet.

Taxus baccata

The leaves have been used internally in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, hiccup, indigestion, rheumatism and epilepsy. Externally, the leaves have been used in a steam bath as a treatment for rheumatism. A homeopathic remedy is made from the young shoots and the berries. It is used in the treatment of cystitis, eruptions, headaches, heart and kidney problems, rheumatism etc.

Tropaeolum majus

For infections of the upper respiratory tracts, for sores, genito-urinary diseases, scurvy and poor skin and hair conditions (plant); Externally used is used in the treatment of baldness, minor injuries and skin eruptions.

Ventilago madraspatana

As a tonic, atonic indigestion, increasing the secretion of gastric juices and as a carminative (root bark); useful in atonic dyspepsia, debility and fevers. Oil is used locally for itch and skin eruptions.

Waltheria indica

For drying and healing of wounds, against cough (plant powder) and in internal bleeding and syphilis (root); in skin-eruptions and for cleansing wounds (aerial parts)

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