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Health Remedies - Biliousness

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Biliousness may be described as a gastric distress caused by a disorder of the liver or gall bladder.

Useful herbs

Acacia sinuata

Used in alleviating pain during childbirth (seed); in biliousness (pod decoction); in skin diseases and dandruff (pod); promotes hair growth (pods) and as a mild laxative.

Aganosma dichotoma

As a tonic and anthelmintic (plant); in biliousness, bronchitis, neuralgia and sciatica (leaves); in ophthalmia (flowers).

Amomum subulatum

Tonic for heart and liver, vomiting, biliousness, indigestion, abdominal pains, gravel and rectal diseases (seed). A decoction of seeds is used as a gargle in affections of the teeth and gum.

Antennaria dioica

For the treatment of bronchitis and bilious conditions, in the treatment of liver and gall bladder complaints, nosebleeds, hepatitis and diarrhoea, as a gargle for treating tonsillitis and as a douche for vaginitis (plant)

Aristolochia indica

For sporadic fever, worm, wounds, leucoderma, impotency, inflammations, biliousness and dry cough; promotes digestion and controls menstruation.

Artocarpus heterophyllus

To relieve biliousness (seed starch); promotes healing of abscesses, snakebite and glandular swellings (latex mixed with vinegar); on wounds (heated leaves); for asthma, fever and diarrhea (root extract); in dysopia, opthalmities and pharyngitis (latex)

Barringtonia acutangula

On glandular swellings and boils (root); toothache, diarrhoea and dysentery (leaf); dropsy (bark), to treat biliousness, diseases of the blood, bronchitis, sore eyes, headache and hallucinations, to treat gingivitis and for healing wounds (fruits).

Calamus rotang

For cramps and convulsions, in abdominal tumours (plant); in diseases of the blood, and in biliousness (tender leaves); used in chronic fever, dysentery, biliousness, and also as a tonic (root decoction)

Capparis micrantha

Used as a drink to reduce fever, to promote urination, and as a remedy for cough (juice of root); to assuage stomachache and to invigorate after childbirth (decoction of the root); for coughs (seed); to relieve stomachache and to treat biliousness and dizziness, to heal syphilitic ulceration of the nose (wood).

Carissa congesta

Bile problems (unripe fruit); remittent fever, diarrhea, oral inflammation and earache (leaf decoction); as antiscorbutic and remedy for biliousness (ripe fruit); for itches and to lower blood pressure (roots).

Cassia fistula

In tuberculosis, reducing fever and as a tonic (seed and fruit), in rheumatism, gout, blood poisoning, dysentery, anthrax, diabetes, leprosy, liver problems (including biliousness) and for varicose veins (including shrinking them) (pod pulp).

Cedrus deodara

In arthritis, rheumatism, skin diseases, ulcers, to remove the pain,it resolves inflammation, paralysis, stone in the kidney, fevers. in remittent and intermittent fevers, diarrhea and dysentery (bark); in the treatment of ulcers (powder); bilious fevers and inveterate diarrhea arising from atony of the muscular fiber.

Cephaelis ipecacuanha

Problems with nerves (plant);Amoebic dysentery, morning sickness, indigestion,as an expectorant in pulmonary diseases such as bronchitis and whooping cough, cures chronic constipation and biliousness, facilitates digestion and uterine hemorrhages, for treating systemic poisoning (syrup)

Ceratophyllum demersum

Useful in biliousness

Cicer arietinum

In leprosy, bronchitis, biliousness, skin diseases and used as nourishing hair and face washes. It has been used in the treatment of dyspepsia, constipation and snakebite.

Cressa cretica

As a tonic, aphrodisiac and expectorant (plant decoction); used for the treatment of leprosy, asthma, biliousness, urinary discharges, external inflammation and pains.

Crinum asiaticum

Urinary problems, biliousness, in strangury and burns (bulb); skin diseases (leaf).

Curcuma amada

As a carminative, increasing the secretion of gastric juices, bruises and sprains (rhizome); biliousness, various skin related ailments, bronchitis, asthma, hiccup, inflammations etc (plant)

Cuscuta reflexa

Gout, bilious disorders (stem); liver problems, constipation and in "Vat roga" (stem decoction); sores and alopecia (plant). It is used internally in treating protracted fevers and externally in the treatment of itchy skin. The plant is employed in Ayurvedic medicine to treat difficulty in urinating, jaundice, muscle pain and coughs.

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

Removes biliousness and night-blindness (fruit); in curing sprains and swellings (soaked seeds); for the plague, enlarged livers, head-swellings and on swellings due to broken bones (boiled seeds)

Desmodium elegans

For bilious complaints, cholera (roots); in the treatment of peptic ulcers (bark)

Desmodium triflorum

In diarrhea, dysentery, to relieve burns, to promote healing of wounds and abscesses, convulsions and stimulating the flow and/or secretion of milk (leaf); to treat bilious complaints, diarrhoea and galactagogue (root)

Diospyros malabarica

To treat diarrhea, dysentery and fever, and as an antidote for snake poisoning (fruits); in blood diseases, gonorrhea and leprosy (ripe fruits); as a vaginal injection in gonorrhea (extract of the fruit); used to heal sores and wounds (juice of fruits); as a good application to boils and tumors (bark); useful in bilious fever (juice of bark); in diarrhea (seeds)

Diplocyclos palmatus

Aids in women conceiving (seed powder); for tongue paralysis and spleen enlargement (plant); used to relieve bilious attack; constipation and prevent miscarriage (seed). The leaves are applied topically to relieve inflammations.

Echinochloa frumentacea

In biliousness and constipation.

Enhydra fluctuans

In dropsy, anasarca, ascites and snakebite (plant); in skin and nervous affections, biliousness and constipation (leaves).

Feronia limonida

Digestive disorders; dysentery, diarrhea and piles, women's disorders; sagging breasts, cancer of the breast and uterus, sterility due to deficiency of progesterone, post-partum complications, children's diseases; bowel complaints, urtecaria and biliousness.

Ficus glomerata

Bilious affections and bronchitis (leaves); in amenorrhea and haemoptysis (fruits). Tribal systems of medicine employ it for diabetes, dysentery, pulmonary diseases, boils, adenitis axillaris, epidydimitis, hydrocele, orchitis, muscular pain, scabies, menorrahgia, spermatorrhoea, piles, bronchitis, leprosy, urinary complaints, sinus, oedema, impurities of blood, thrombophlebitis, syncope, bile disorders and menstrual disorders.

Flacourtia indica

In cholera (gum); enlargement of the spleen and in jaundice and against roundworms (fruit). Used to treat biliousness, rheumatism, gout, skin diseases, urinary disorders and mental disorders (bark).

Gymnema sylvestre

For diabetes and snakebite (powdered root), in cough, biliousness and sore eyes, as a remedy for diabetes (leaves).

Hedyotis diffusa

Biliousness, debility, depression, depurative, asthma, jaundice, internal ulcers, appendicitis and toothache; Used externally for snakebite, boils, abscesses and severe bruising.

Hibiscus cannabinus

In the treatment of biliousness with acidity (flower juice); to promote weight increase (seeds); in the treatment of coughs, dysentery and bilious, blood and throat disorders (leaf); in the treatment of anaemia, fatigue, lassitude, etc (stem peeling); to control intestinal Guinea worms in Africa (powdered leaf)

Hiptage benghalensis

In cutaneous diseases, for scabies (leaves); in chronic rheumatism and asthma (plant); biliousness, cough, burning sensation, thirst and inflammation (leaf and bark)

Hygrophila auriculata

As an aphrodisiac and a tonic (seed); in cancer and tubercular fistula (plant); in urogenital disorders (such as spermatorrhea) and impotence, as a uterine sedative for pregnant women and for treating diseases of the blood and biliousness, to treat rheumatism, gonorrhoea, jaundice, anasarca, diarrhoea, dysentery, thirst, urinary calculi and urinary discharges, inflammations, biliousness, diseases of the eyes, pains, high blood pressure, ascites and abdominal troubles, anaemia, constipation and anuria.

Iris nepalensis

In the treatment of bilious obstructions, chest affections and applied externally to small sores and pimples (root).

Lodoicea maldivica

It is used as tonic and febrifuge and prescribed for diarrhoea and vomiting. The water of its green fruits or of soft kernal is antibilious and antacid.

Luffa cylindrica

Skin disorders (seed oil), it is used to treat biliousness, spleen diseases, leprosy, piles, fever, haematuria, syphilis and bronchitis.

Nigella sativa

In biliousness, colic, constipation, debility, fever, headache, herpes, jaundice, ophthalmia, parturition, rheumatism, sores, septicemia, sciatica, anal sclerosis, stomachache; to increase the secretion of milk, are good for digestive and menstrual disorders, insufficient lactation and bronchial complaints, soothing stomach pains and spasms and easing wind, bloating and colic, to treat abscesses, haemorrhoids and orchitis (seeds); to remove lice from the hair (powdered seed).

Opuntia dillenii

Ophthalmia and for boils (leaf); cures biliousness, burning, leucoderma, urinary complaints, tumours, loss of consciousness, piles, inflammations, anaemia, ulcers, gonorrhoea and the enlargement of the spleen (fruit) ; whooping cough (baked fruit); to increase the secretion of bile and control spasmodic cough and expectoration (fruit syrup); in bronchitis and asthma (flower).

Paeonia emodi

Problems with the nervous system, dropsy, biliousness, diseases of the uterus, colic, epilepsy, blood purifier for children, for cuts and sores (caused by maggots) (root); dysentery (cooked young shoots and leaves); hysteria, convulsions, colic, uterine diseases and obstructions of the bile duct (tubers); as a treatment for diarrhoea, cough, haemorrhoids and varicose veins (dried flowers).

Passiflora foetida

Fruit is emetic, decoction is used in biliousness and asthma. Leaves are applied on the head in giddiness and headache. Their decoction is reportedly used to treat asthma and biliousness. A decoction of the leaves or roots is said to be an emmenagogue and useful for treating hysteria.

Phaseolus trilobus

In general debility, malnutrition, fatigue, constipation, fever, burning sensation, thirst, piles, dysentery, cough, gout and biliousness

Picrorhiza kurroa

Jaundice and other liver problems, constipation, indigestion, influenza, ascites, anemia and as a tonic. The drug Picrorhiza extensively used in various ailments like bilious fever, dyspepsia, urinary trouble, asthma, hiccough, blood circulation, burns, liver complaints, paralysis, epilepsy, ringworm infection, scabies and gout.

Rheum emodi

Constipation, diarrhoea, children's ailments, poison ivy, biliousness, lumbage, agitated mind, sore eyes, piles, chronic bronchitis, chronic fever, asthma and coryza, pains and bruises.

Saccharum spontaneum

An extract of the plant is given in burning sensation, phthisis, blood diseases, vesical calculi, biliousness and hemorrhagic diathesis. Besides, its roots are known as diuretic.

Salvadora persica

Against gonorrhoea and vesical catarrh (root bark); to relieve the pain due to spleen troubles (root); for gastric troubles especially in gastric ulcers (stem bark); in asthma and cough, in rheumatism, a poultice made out of them is applied to painful tumours and piles (leaves); in biliousness and rheumatism (fruits).

Sophora tomentosa

As an anticholinergic ans in stomachache (seed); in bilious disorders (seed and root); in cough (seed oil)

Tamarindus indica

As an astringent in bowel complaints, to weaken the action of resinous cathartics (pulp); in correcting bilious disorders, for rheumatism (plant); used in subacid infusions, and a decoction is said to destroy worms in children, and is also useful for jaundice, and externally as a wash for sore eyes and ulcers (leaves)In some forms of sore throat the fruit has been found of service; for asthma (bark).

Tephrosia purpurea

Spleen enlargement, liver problems, as an antirheumatic, diuretic and anthelmintic (root); in tympanitis and as a blood purifier (plant); in skin diseases and rat poisoning (seeds). Used to treat bronchitis, bilious febrile attacks, treatment of boils, pimples, bleeding piles, jaundice and kidney disorders.

Toona ciliata

As a tonic, astringent and in dysentery, ulcers, leprosy, fevers, itching, headache, biliousness (bark)

Trichosanthes anguina

To improve appetite and cure biliousness (fruit); for expulsion of worms and for the treatment of diarrhoea and syphilis (roots and seeds)

Triticum aestivum

For cancers, corns, tumors, warts, and whitlow (seeds); biliousness and intoxication (young stems); malaise, sore throat, thirst, abdominal coldness and spasmic pain, constipation and cough (seed sprout)

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